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[About] [Screenshots] is a music browser for the Creative Commons licensed mp3s at, designed for the iPhone. All of there music is available for listening, and many of their artists are quite good. For more information on Magnatune, please read What is Magnatune?, from a USA Today article. You could also read Why I created Magnatune by John Buckman, Magnatune's founder.

Right now you can install on any jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Jailbreaking one of this is relatively simple, and there are many guides on the internet, so it will not be explained here. can be compiled from source, downloaded pre-compiled and ssh'd on to your device, or installed through Nullriver's The installer method is heavily recommended. Just add to your repositories, and will show up in the Multimedia section.

Please note: I (Aaron Griffith) am not affiliated with Magnatune in any way. I'm just a fan of their music who wanted an easier way to listen to it on the go. Please do not bug them with questions or anything else regarding Please, bug me instead. I would love to hear from you. Logo Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Valid CSS